How to use the Gelish Structure gel to Repair a broken Nail

As promised I did get a Gelish Structure gel. I think it works amazing. Its great for sculpting the nails and using it with a nail form. For refills… I rea…

25 thoughts on “How to use the Gelish Structure gel to Repair a broken Nail

  1. Ups, wrong butten, ­čÖé i was woundering if i could send a foto of my nail to you… The whole free eage is broken´╗┐ of and i dont know what to do ­čÖü i normaly use gel nails that i have to remove with files..

  2. Love or work! I have a question I’ve tried using the colored gel and my nails keep cracking can u tell me why? They crack´╗┐ once I’m done?

  3. OMG!! This video comes just in time. I noticed the same type of crack´╗┐ on my middle nail this morning! I love the gelish but I’m finding that it comes off easily. What am I doing wrong? I’m using NON- acetone polish remover by the way. Thanks! ­čÖé

  4. please do a video on nail extensions using the structure gel and dual forms! I just bought dual forms and I’ve been debating´╗┐ on purchasing structure because I don’t want to use hard gel on my weak thin nails. also, do you need to apply foundation before structure if doing an overlay on natural nails?

  5. Hey you know I follow all the steps anyway but my uv gel polish lasts me not even two days and Peel off you can give me some advice for that´╗┐

  6. Thank you. Your nails´╗┐ are beautiful! I was able to get full size bottle of Gelish foundation, ph prep and top it off from Amazon for around $25.00

  7. I have vitagel. I will try the foundation when the vitagel runs out. Thanks a lot Anna!´╗┐ ­čÖé

  8. AMAZING! Interesting to know that the foundation and´╗┐ the structure are the same product lol. Thanks for doing this video!

  9. hi, I saw your video couple day ago. And I tried your technique today and my clients love it.´╗┐ I have a question, I saw your refill video but you only did it in Fountain. But for the acrylic part. Do you fill the whole nails or only the cuticle area with the acrylic powder? do you soak off some of the acrylic and apply new one? And does it get thick as your refill it couple time? Is there any chance you being doing a video on that one?

  10. Great video, so since you mention that you can built out a nail using a nail form with this gel you´╗┐ think this will work for overlaying tips?

  11. Well, IMO, Gelish should hire you in sells as I went to Sally’s and purchased Gelish upon your advise/opinion. I did my nails for the first time on Monday and loved the result. I’ve been patching my nails with silk wrap and super glue for past 15+ years and can see that THIS is going to be SO much better. Very excited about my discovery and you gave me the encouragement to go for it! THANX!´╗┐ 1 ?. On this vid why didn’t you finish with a Top It Off coat? Is it unnecessary? Blessings! :>)

  12. Girl! I got the sensational top coat and here is how i use it i do my gelish u know foundation, top coat i color my nails with reg nail polish and if´╗┐ i do glitter i coat it on the glitter and cure it OMG

  13. The glitter looks great it the only way i can use the sensational gel because´╗┐ its so runny. I tried it on my natural nails and it peeld of its no good only on glitter

  14. Love your videos!!! I have the same question as someone asked´╗┐ before & that’s if you can use the gelish to build up the nail using a tip? The Gelish product looks a little bit easier to use…I

  15. Thanks for this video!! I:m´╗┐ a mommy and i work in the medical field so i:m constantly in water! Nothing stays on my nails for more than 3 days! I started using the structure gel with the powder acrylic and it:s holding!! THANKS!!!!

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