How Gel Nails Work… (+Extensions)

Hey Guys! So here is the video I promised… all about gel nails! I am super excited to show you this because I got numerous comments and requests from people asking me how gel nails work. I have had gel nails before so I am familiar with the “gel-extensions” procedure. I hope there is enough footage to give you a general idea of how this works. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

19 thoughts on “How Gel Nails Work… (+Extensions)

  1. No it does not ruin your nails, however I find that my nails get deeper ridges sometimes which isn’t good. Gel nails do not strip your nails down (it doesn’t crack or split your nails like acrylic) but it does make your nails thinner making it easier to chip. It usually lasts 3-4 weeks and the whole process took around 2 hours. (I think I mentioned that in my video) 🙂 hope that helped.

  2. i have gel nails on at the min mine are french but insted of plain white i have pink glitter it cost £25 to get a full set

  3. I have a question, how did she attach the extension tips? Was it just with regular nail glue, or did she do something special?

  4. Hi! I love gel nails… what do they use to do the white tips i am trying to get all the info and products i need so i can do them to myself .. also how long do you keep your hand in after every coat? thanks

  5. yeah it does here in Australia too but at the asian salons where they dont disinfect or sterilize anything and their salons harbour breeding bacteria, not to mention the cheap arse products they use……
    A decent salon that uses good quality products wont make any money if they only charge $20, so best you find yourself a decent salon.

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